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Research shows it costs 7 times more to attract new customers than to retain current ones. At Prestiz we focus on treating customers right, answering questions and exceeding expectations.

What We Do

We specialize in marketing, meaning we take our client’s message, simplify it and tailor it to each individual consumer. We can build relationships with customers to provide a long-lasting customer base.

Why Choose Us

We rely on numbers and statistics to verify our legitimacy. In addition to delivering a high volume of accounts, we go to extreme lengths to ensure the longevity of each customer’s loyalty.

Long-term Results

Having a long-term strategy is the only way our methods work. The reason for that, quite simply, is that short term strategies don’t provide long term results. The on-going relationship that we maintain with our clientele is constantly nurtured. The better we know you, a better service we can provide. Knowing the ins and outs of your brand and the targets you want to achieve over the financial year is vital to the success of our working relationship.


Many clients use us as a supplement to their in-house sales and marketing offices. However due to the experience we have within the marketing industry it is normally not long before our clients let us obtain full responsibility of that area of their business. By creating a hard working and focused environment, we can create good communication and brainstorm new ideas, whilst working through any issues that occur to ensure the best service possible. We feel that we outperform our competitors in many ways, so we are incredibly confident in our ability to achieve our clients goals.


At Prestiz LLC we are an international branding and marketing firm that guarantees long-lasting customer acquisitions with substantial quarterly growth. We specialize in providing the highest standard of customer service through implementation of highly effective customer-centered methods. We take great pride in investing in our office of young professionals ensuring the highest standard of training and preparation to guarantee the highest quality of professionalism as well as rapid career progression. In the last 18 months we have acquired several high profile clients. Our dedicated force of marketing professionals have delivered unparalleled results surpassing the expectations of our client.


Our paradigm shifting impact on how both businesses and consumers view and respond to marketing strategies has created a vast demand for our expertise globally.

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As Prestiz LLC is one of the newest and brightest branding companies our key success factor is quite simply our fresh approach to doing business with the highest standards. Our brand awareness and live marketing techniques are cutting-edge and our clients have peace of mind that they are in the right hands. In recent months our current clients have mainly been impressed with our results based attitude. Hitting our clients’ goals means that we hit ours! Everything we do is geared towards that simple ethos.


Service area: Chicago

Email: hello@prestizllc.com